Summer/Fall 2019
Benedikt Busch is currently in Berkeley until Christmas.
Helene Willadsen will finish her PHD in September, but she will work for the KIDS project until the end of the year.

Sarah Zaccagni will move in Copenhagen in October as postdoc for three years.

We have several visitors:
  Davide Bellucci will stay with has until October
– Beatrice Braut will stay with us from October to February, maybe longer.
– Jean-Robert Tyran is in Copenhagen for three weeks (August 4-23).
– Armando Meier (postdoc in Chicago) is also staying during the summer, until August 24.
– Silvia Angerer will visit us from September 26 to December 8, 2019

Main events:
– We have a workshop on “behavioral economics and health” on November 27-28. Several invited speakers will come and present their research on the topic.
– The center for Healthy Ageing is organizing several interesting workshops during the semesters that you can attend.

19 August 2019, 14:15-15:30
Jean-Robert Tyran, University of Vienna

3 October 2019, 14:15-15:30
Pol Campo-Mercade, Lund University

10 October 2019, 14:15-15:30
Silvia Angerer, UMIT, Private Universität für Gesundheits Wissenscahffen

21 October 2019, 14:15-15:30
Jonathan Meer, Texas AM University