TRIBE brings together researchers interested in behavioral economics. We study human behavior and how behavioral insights can help to solve societal problems. For our research we use experiments both in the lab and in the field. We are also interested in developing partnerships with government, institutions, non-profits and companies to conduct research in the ‘real world’.

Students are fundamental for TRIBE. In fact, TRIBE aims to train the next generation of scientists encouraging the most ambitious bachelor and master students to work on scientific research. We aim to create a solid group of smart and creative students with different backgrounds but with the same desire to learn and help each other. Our research environment is friendly, informal and always open to discussion.

Our value:

  • We value creativity, originality and thinking outside the box.
  • We value passion, curiosity, and dedication.
  • We value cooperation and reciprocal learning.
  • We value the success of our members and of our team.
  • We value smiles, fun and joy.

Our story:

TRIBE activity started in January 2015 when a group of passionate and ambitious students decided to meet to discuss about Behavioral Economics under the guide and supervision of Marco Piovesan. Semester after semester, students had the opportunity to present their ideas, experiments and results receiving constructive feedback and suggestions to improve their research. Some of these students are now PhD students or postdoc in Denmark and abroad.

Since 2016 we have the generous support of the Almene Fond.
In 2017 TRIBE was nominated for the Study Environment Award.
From September 2018, Christina Gravert has joined Marco Piovesan as group leader.”

Building Effective Teaching Through Experimental Research